Of Chaddies and Lathis


16/02/2009 by Siddiqui Fayesal

With the chaddis and lathis doing the talking its hard to find the fine line between idiocy and retaliation. Here Muthalik is trying to get himself a name (tell me which of you’ll had heard of the sene before), and the “youth brigade” sending him pink underwear as a gift to make him realise what a baby he’s being in due course made the Sene an instant page 1 celebrity…

Muthalik says:
“Whoever has done this has done a good job. Girls going to pubs is not acceptable. So, whatever the Sena members did was right. You are highlighting this small incident to malign the BJP government in the state. If the Hindu girls are exploited by the members of other religions, double the number of girls from other religions will also be targeted,.”

Some guts to say shit like this and pass of as a minor celebrity, albeit in his own small circle of equal morons. But,then, we tend to forget that this is India. And before you hark the wrong tree about me disrespecting the nation and blah blah and what not just shut up listen. You, me, my dad and mom and my great grand parents for that matter, have told me enough tit-bits about the way things are run in this place. Ofcourse I’m proud of the nation. Ofcourse I’m proud to be and Indian. Ofcourse i respect my flag. But I aint gonna talk rubbish and give you statistics which talks about nothing but our excellence in numbers.

I agree clubbing and pubbing (lol) aint part of our culture. But, yes, hitting women and beating them up in the middle of the street is part of the rights of the Sene. They can drag anyone out in the public and teach them and beat them about the wrong they’ve done. They’re god sent angels to correct the highly mislead human race.

Who the bloody hell is this guy Muthalik who, without any issues raises the religion propaganda again. Who is this guy who raises high the saffron people’s agenda with ease and gets away with it.

I didn’t know and neither did you. But I do know now.

He joined the RSS at the age of thirteen in 1975. How cool. When kids are learning to respect each other he had already joined hands and assumed future leadership of a faction… wait a minute. I’m not getting into the RSS now. Another article for that please.

Anyway, he then joined the Shiv Sena in 2005. This is like the icing on the cake. Although he left it in 2006 sensing that the Shiv Sena was too tame (is it possible) for his desire.

In February, 2000 the Harihar police filed a case against him under section 153-A of the IPC. The reason for their filing a case was that Muthalik cursed minority communities and questioned their loyalty to the nation. The bastard. The magistrate banned his entry into the surrounding areas.

In 2002 he was again banned from entering Bailhongal due to the same reason. He was again spewing venom against the minorities. The door was also shown to fellow Bajrang Dal leaders Vilas Pawar and Manoj Hanagal.

In 2008, January, he made insulting remarks against Muslims. For this he again earned himself a case file under section 295 and 295-A under IPC.

In September 2008 the SOB launched the Rashtra Rakshe Sene. It trains volunteers to fight Islamic Terrorists. He claims that all muslims should be annihilated and pronounced all muslims as terrorists. Our police force filed another case… yahoooo!!!

He is the one of the many admirers of Nathuram Godse who roams around with elan. At a press conference held by him recently he released photographs of the hindu suicide sqaud which are trained in combat to take on muslim terrorist.

According to Mr. Muthalik ther are around 1132 such members.

Well, well, well. This is the guy who we are seeing so much of these days. Two days back his memebers were seen holding nice pink panties on the front page. Now they want to burn them. They had no shame to pose with them on the front page in Hindustan Times but then they aint ashamed of beating women’s also.

Which such a colourful (and active) history we can expect greater things from him. The best-est part is that our police force have done a lot to make him stop every time he made a move. They filed one case after another. And what is the fucking result. He still walks (or strut) ,talks (a lot at that) and command print. At this point of time there are around 45 cases still pending against him and is wanted in 11 districts in Karnataka. Don’t the bastards know where to find him!!!
A look at charge-sheet makes it clear that he has never been arrested for any of these cases.

How come the govt hasn’t done anything about it. Why is that people like Raj Thakarey and Pramod Muthalik and Narendra Modi and L.K Advani come and openly bellow out and bark and point fingers and hurl abuses to the minority. Oh fuck it lets drop the pretence. They target muslims openly. When one says minority it included Catholics, Parsis, Jains, Buddhists too. Thank God they’ve yet not incurred their wrath.

When my nation has such characters as leaders of factions and outfits what is going to happen in the future. In the short run we’ll be laughed at and booed.

In the long run we will die.

2 thoughts on “Of Chaddies and Lathis

  1. sameen says:

    Boy oh boy..u seem to want to kick his arse so bad dude!!! (Literally at that!)I’m so so impressed with this entire article of yours.(Incase ur wondering who I am check out the St.Peter’s batch-’03 community on orkut.)

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