I don’t hate the Paki’s

When the 26/11 happened and i joined the rally at the gateway of india i was surprised, angry, irritated, annoyed, peeved, pissed, amazed, hypnotised and mad with many of the groups that were targeting the common pakistan population… i think i was taught when i was in class 5 that “the law is always right,that its the men who practice them that are wrong…”

so i was hit hard when i heard many of the youngsters shouting at the top of their voice ” India, India Zindabad… Fuck you Fuck you Pakistan”….. i’m no less an Indian and much more less a patriotic one but something like this doesnt go down well with me.
just a couple of days back tantra launched a new tshirt line saying:

“”Question:What’s the difference between a Pakistani and a vacuum cleaner?
Answer:You have to plug in the vacuum cleaner before it sucks.””

well well well…. a joke stops being a joke when u get personal…the asshole Ranjiv Ramchandani, director, Tantra says “everyones saying it… we just put it on a tshirt”… doesnt the man know the difference btwn heresay and an official notice???
i HATE the pakistanis but by that i mean the men in power…the men who take action (or in their case they dont take action)…

when Mr. Ward Churchill (ever heard of him)said that some ppl push back and the twin towers coming down was just a case of the “chicken coming back home to roost” he meant every word he says…ever wondered what the BIG picture is???
india never deserved what it got on that night… but niether do the paki’s… i dont say this out of solidarity for them but for peace for us…

i’ll talk of the BIG picture…

some monthas ago russia attacked georgia and it was all over the news that the russians attacked innocent travellers and rampaged the city and killed the womeen…. blah blah blah…..what no one said out loud was what georgia was doing… it had a major population of russian immigrants and they were being given a bad bad time and were being totally suppressed….

so did russia do the wrong thing in attacking the country which was suppressing “her” ppl… no it did not…. but ask 10 ppl what they think and pat comes the reply that russians “attacked innocent travellers and rampaged the city and killed the womeen”..a lil bit of digging in will prove that they heard it on CNN or BBC…and they had no idea what the georgians did to deserve it…

btw, do u know that the FOX News Network is owned by Jeb Bush…the nephew of George Bush…figure out why i dropped this hint and it’ll make ur skin crawl…

i think “thinkin out of the box” has become literally out of the box now…

i believe in an open mind… but not so open that the brain falls off….

yours truly,Siddiqui F.

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