The GreenFields!!!


09/08/2009 by Siddiqui Fayesal

I aint no medical person but i know a sick fellow when i see one. The negative vibrations i get from the body are too strong to ignore. There were times when i had felt sad for the “patient” but as time passed by i realised that they have brought it upon themselves., nurtured it and cared for it enough so that it had grown strong and evil and taken over them instead. Something like when Lord Voldemort takes over poor girl Ginny Weasely… yeah, something like that for sure.

It was just a couple of months back when i realised that even my friend had suffered from it since ages. I had no idea or I swear I wouldn’t have accompanied him for his shopping. The disease is pretty infectious and once you’re struck you go down like a pack of cards if you try to fight it or become one of its own by-product.

Well, Money does have such consequences but no one fights it out completely. Today i am fighting it but maybe 10 years down the line I’ll “become one of its own by-products”. Its said that money will buy you a dog… but only love can make it wag its tails for you.

I personally know people who wear Gucci and eat at Wasabi. And I aint talking about self sufficient people but about peers. Phew!!! wearing 20,000 bucks worth boots…that tiny thing you wear on your feet so that they don’t get dirty. Call me a Neanderthal for being so crude about utilities of a length of leather… but then, that’s what it is to start with isn’t.

i don’t know about the rest of the world but if one asks me about what i go through when i see a dewy eyed old man of about 65 eating one Tandoori roti and one seekh in Sarvi with the kind of fervour, passion, zeal and relish that one would usually associate with viewing nude models flopped on a beach, while I eat of seekh finishing them with 3 bites at the most and have 4 still left on my plate, I’d say i’d feel sorry…the least. And, I’m sure scores of people would do so too. But how many of us feel guilty.
Guilty because of the unfair traits of Nature itself.

Guilty because you know that you, as a person, have not done half as much physical hard work the whole day as the old gentleman does in an hour.

Guilty because you know you won’t be paying his bill and helping him save his Precious 20.

Guilty because you’re eating atleast twice as much as you need while he’s making do with half.

Guilty because you’re feeding your greed while he’s barely feeding his children.

Guilty because uou know you’ll not recognise the dewy eyes begging in a weeks time.

How to explain the way that the Lord makes us play our part…for the good or for the bad. how to stop myself shrivelling in shame when i see a kid half my age selling popcorn in the Mumbai-Pune Intercity Express. I don’t care if he uses the money for whiteners. That is another story. Do we, as a nation… No, not nation. That’s too big a number. Lets take the number of people eating seek roti in Sarvi on a Sunday morning at 10:00… feel that it is because of our failure at our duty that there are such vast differences in society.

Firangs come and go and are astonished at what they see…Shanties and Showrooms sharing a Wall…How wonderful… But have we stopped and wriggled our toes,in that 20,000 bucks boots, and wondered WHY???

Why do i see kids half my age living a life of hell.

Why people 3 times my age cannot afford the retirement dream that every hoarding so ostentatiously and nakedly parades.

Why cannot we come together and do something tangible.

Why does the industrial world upholds charity so much while their own workers are dying because of the world they help create. Do they mean to say that the plebians are not smart enough to do good themselves so instead of giving them a good wage lets give them charity instead.

The very well known linguist and a writer Noam Chomsky says,

“Many of the basic institutions of our society are totally illegitimate. Do corporations have to be controlled by management and owners and dedicated to the welfare of shareholders instead of being controlled by the people who work in them and dedicated to the community and the workers? It’s not a law of Nature”

Making excuses doesn’t help, but we still do.

The least we can do is not avert our eyes without giving due respect to such a spectacle.
The least we can do is repect Money for what it is, and not what it can do.
The least we can do is to control Money and not the other way around.

The least we can do is sit by our fluffy beds and say a silent pray for those who are fighting a hard battle that, most of the time,claims their life…

Siddiqui F.

2 thoughts on “The GreenFields!!!

  1. U know what…they say it is an unfair world..and I wonder why is it so? I wonder why we don't wonder about things that should matter. I wonder why we don't do what we think we should. I wonder why?

  2. bushra says:

    hey grawpy …yr blogs stagnating…. come backwaitin..

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