God’s Will!


20/07/2011 by Siddiqui Fayesal

I was watching Discovery Channel a few nights back and was mesmerised (again!!!) by the things I saw! Discovery, NGC, Animal Planet, History are a few good things that one can watch without puking all over themselves. I was watching about how a spider hunts its prey. A tarantula’s drop of poison was enough to kill the snake in question (I don’t remember which one it was. But i’m inclined to think that it was a Rattle Snake. Why risk it though:-p.) What the “killer” does is that he injects the snake with some milligrams of poison and the snake is paralysed.

And then the snake is literally “Dead Meat”. From what it looked like the Tarantula sucked out the meat from the mouth of the snake…leaving behind its scaly skin!

Another one I distinctly remember was a melee between a Scorpion and a Whistling Spider. Now, apparantly a whistling Spider spins no web but hunts pretty much actively. A scorpion, for all the mean things said about the poor thing, uses his venom as the last resort. But when its a war with this Spider the last resort never comes.

The Whistling Spider, it is claimed, can kill a full grown dog in a mere 15 minutes!!!

And we thought we were Gods most awesome creation!

Life is unpredictable. Period. Accept it or not but you can’t ignore it. I step outside my place and the next thing I know I might be burning in Hell. As Bilbo Baggins says- “It’s a dangerous business going out of your door. You step into the Road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there is no knowing where you might be swept off to.” We love to plan our day, a meeting, a dinner, a get together. Think of any word and you can stick the word “Plan” in its vicinity. We always are under the impression that everything’ll go according to plan. It almost always does too. That is the reason why we think, rather obnoxiously, that we have a possible solution to everything. We’re content with our flimsy plans and over the top assumptions.

Just like the Snake and the Scorpion perhaps. We still haven’t figured out what the unexpected can do; We still haven’t been able to control our internal systems let alone the outer space whose severe ramifications we also called, lovingly, “Possibility of Life”. Life is not fashioned by people like us. There is an upper hand involved. For example, take the recent bomb blasts which reared its ugly head once again in Bombay. There were so many innocent lives taken and so many lost more than just their loved ones. The lost a hand which fed them; they lost a Son, a Father, a Daughter, a Wife… What could those poor people have done to live another day. A split seconds decision is all that was needed. I read that a young man of around mid twenties stayed back to read the newspaper… He perished!

What surprises me (annoying would be more apt) is that no amount of reminders from the Lord makes us toe the line. We build 100 storied buildings; He sends an Earthquake. We build a weather station; He sends in a Tsunami. The weather Station is rendered useless and so is the height at which the victim is at the time of the Quake, buy No, we don’t learn. I am of the opinion that man has time and again tried to encompass the “power of the Sun in the palm of his hand” and failed again and again.

Every time that we think we’re ahead the Lord opens his bag of tricks and let us know who the REAL boss is. It saddens me to sit and think about people who don’t agree in the existence of God. The Atheist and The Non believers. What has science taught us is not that there is No upper hand involved. It has actually  taught us that there wont be magic tricks till the time he decides we’re worthy enough. When I read The Quran I dont sit down thinking that I need to understand every aspect that The Quran is telling me. I sit with the intention of understanding, of learning and accepting. If I do not understand a point or if I think it defies logic in the real world (Please forgive me!) I realise that I’m not “there” yet to be understanding the word of the Lord; That I still have a long way to go before I unravel the mysteries of the Book. For crying out loud if William Shakespeare’s work translates into tons of explanations and conclusions just imagine what The Quran would translate into!!!

And you wanna understand it in one sitting!

The Bible is said to be the most heavily published books in History. Why would that be? The Vedas are still being read to understand the small intricacies of its scriptures. Why?

We have so many hints and inkling of truth hitting us daily but we’re still in the cocoon we ourselves made to be oblivious of facts. Deep down we know! I’m sure about it. I’ll rather be happy imagining it so.

We’re making clones now. Lord knows what punishment he’ll belt out for this. I know I might be sounding like a stone age, backward, un-evolved homo erectus and a religious fanatic but I strongly believe that “Creating” is His job. He sure won’t tolerate us feeble minded idiots trying to challenge him. My only point is to Stop and Listen. Life is not about taking control. Its about taking stock of the situation. We need to walk with pride but with a little more humility attached to your hind side! Remember the song “Peelo” by Outlandish. Read the lyrics. They’re saying something really relevant. Of course its not exactly the same thing I’m saying but you’ll get the gist.

Its not only them. It was our fathers and grand fathers and great grand fathers too. We believe that we’ve “evolved” and leap frogged them in their intelligence. Nope. Sorry to burst your bubble but we’re way beyond them in their abilities. Go have a word with your grand dad the next time you visit him. They’re a Pandora box of facts and stories (which we now call “folk-tales” thereby pushing them to a corner of our brain where other crap is stored) and the way of life. They’d tell you how they ate only once a day but were satisfied. They’d tell you how they walked miles with coarse shoes to buy a seer of milk to feed the hungry baby and then turn to thank Him for it.

No its NOT you who looks after your wife. Yes, You do it by His grace. Thank Him. Take time out to pray. No its not a sign of weakness to accept that you’re NOT the one who is controlling your life. Its a sign of Faith and Belief!

Its Rare. Don’t let go of it.

4 thoughts on “God’s Will!

  1. jayeshrwl says:

    Hey Nice one…

    we had a little discussion about few things u have mentioned above, long back in petit. Anyway just one thing striked me when I was reading it. Somewhere u mentioned that God may feel bad or he won’t like us doing something, like challenging nature.

    But isn’t god over and above all emotional stuff like feeling bad or good?

    If he must be bothering about something than it would be the good and the bad deeds of anyone and no other stuff I believe.

    Anyway just a thought. We’ll discuss it when we meet…

    See ya


  2. Yes, of course I remember the conversation. It was a very long one.

    If you read it again you’ll realise that I aint exactly talking about God “feeling” bad. I say that he will not agree to the fact that we’re trying to play him. For someone being God he ought to be the Supreme Being. It doesn’t mean that by feeling bad he becomes a lesser being.

    The pregorative lies not with the Lord. It lies with us humans who believe that they can “Create”. Creation is His business. Aren’t we infiltrating in His territory by assuming with very unrealistic optimism that we’d be able to last there?

    Time will tell why its bad.

  3. Aditya says:

    Good write-up…Keep writing!
    P.S. May be its my SSC past, but I can’t exactly understand everything that you try to say in your poems!

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