Fiction: Fuerlic Naats-1


28/08/2011 by Siddiqui Fayesal

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and has some real strong language. Fuerlic Naats (Anagram of Lucifer Satan) is heavily inspired by the character of Dwight McCarthy played by Clive Owen in the movie Sin City. For some reason the guy stuck to me. His monotone, his nonchalant dialogue delivery, his composure. I mean for someone who is in the same frame as Benicio Del Toro this bugger amazed me! So please dont mind the language!

Here goes:

Hi, I’m Fuerlic Naats. I’m the one they call the bad guy out here. The one person you don’t have to turn to when you’re in trouble. I probably caused it. I didn’t ask to be born this way; with this scary face and an evil tongue and an ugly presence. But then this was probably god’s wish fulfilled. Someone’s gotta be bad for the Almighty to be of help, isn’t it?

Not saying that these angelic folks are any good. Each and every motherfucker of them will stab you in the back and smile at your bleedin’ body as they rob you off your cat food; or bed spread or even your fuckin toilet paper! But since i’m the lead hot shot out here I get to be the Evil Lord! Ha! Lord and all. It makes me bloody wonder what’d’ve happened if it was someone else who took the fucking cop down. What if that fucking someone was a yellow bastard? He’d get killed, no problems, but them cops would just continue fucking us blind. One cop after another doing the same shit in this place. It made no difference that I killed a fuckin hobo. I was branded nonetheless. I’m sorry if I sound a bit emotional.

The weather gets to me sometimes. Anyway, if you think i’m sorry for what I did then wisen up. Get your heads outta your whore’s butt crack and look around. This little town is what I call my playground. I live here and I live by my rules. No hanky panky about crime rates hitting the sky. I believe that if ya got to save your butt you got to wear a fuckin armour.

Or be one.

Or someone like me is gonna bounce your fucking ass all over town. And when we find a whimp we’re in no mood to show mercy.

That bastard has it coming!

The sonofabitches cops get scared coming now that we need non of them here. They’d rather make love to their partners than come here to look for adventure. The fun’s on the decline though. With the cops headcount on the fall the men here are now rather docile in their manner of approach.

I don’t give a tits worth to any fucker anyways. I’m my own man here. And this place that I live in is right upto the mark in terms of culture. Yeah, culture. My speech might give you ideas about me being an illiterate goon but i’m not. I did my studies, went to schools and colleges, abused teachers, passed exams, slept with 5 women together. Well, i’ve had my share of education as you call it. And so I know what it means to value the age old beliefs of our forefathers.

I respect the cavemen for the ruthless spirit; I love the warriors for their warring nature. I love the feel of blood and murder that has seeped deep within the very soil of this mother earth.

No, its not because i’m a sadistic maniac that I love all this. Its for the simple reason that its meant to be. We men are meant to take things we like and desire by force if we have to. We’re ruthless because thats the way we’re supposed to be. We fight and war because thats what gives us the satisfaction of fulfilling our forefathers ideals and living up to the standards they’d set. Its a kind of a fucked up notion I thought of but i think its orgasmic in some way.

So, yes i am educated and learned. But maybe not quite the way you think.

The education you speak of in your holier than thou monotone is nothing but denial. Denial of existence in the real world. Nobody softens you up in those fancy preps you’ve been to. Softening up??? For what???

Softening up for the real world. Our world. How in the name of hell does it matter that the CO levels up by 1.0864% in the last 150 fuckin’ years!!! But it does matter how you gonna handle that bastard coming with a bowie knife at you from the dark alley behind your back.

Kill; Murder and Rejoice!!!

The places I like are usually straight as arrow. No bullshit of your so called elite and intellectual brainy shit works in the real world. They might work in the fucking perfect world which is, if you did your economics major, a perfect impossibility. Your crap might’ve been absolutely right anywhere else in the whole world. But this was not the whole world. The glass isn’t half full. Neither is it half empty. It’s just as much as its supposed to be. Its not supposed to be an inch either ways. Cuz if it was it wouldn’t be right, would it?

All you fancy suits and ties working days think you’ve got it figured out. You fuckers have no clue about how many men’ve laid your wives and you’ll talk of things like we’re the fucking shit on your soles! I see any one mothafuckers of you in my town strutting around i’ll rip ya limb to limb. And then while you take your time dying on me, cuz i know you fuckers are very very stubborn bastards, i’ll ask ya what the fuckin speed of fucking sound is on an inclination of a beta factor when the sound is travelling at the pace of sine 45 degrees.

Given enough time and pencil and paper and an audience that bastard’ll even try and gimmi an answer to that. And he’ll expect me to believe the horse shit!!! The problem with you fancy dicks is this: You think you know everything. You think that everything you know is the fuckin truth.

The sun’s temperature, the earth’s diameter, the density of air!!!

F=G m1 m2 / r2

Like hell i’ll believe you, you sonofabitch!!! Next you’ll be telling me the “perfect” way of living my life; How to use my money an other poopy stuff. Tell you what? Get the fuck outta my sight before I decide you’re worthy of the holy stake through you pompous heart.

But before you get your ass outta here listen to this. Its something you dont know for a change Bastard. Check out “The Creeps” at 3 every afternoon. Yeah, the same time you’re banging your piece of crud in your love hole. You’ll see someone you thought you knew!

9 thoughts on “Fiction: Fuerlic Naats-1

  1. Jayesh says:

    What a fuckin write up…

    How can u write such fuckin amazing stuff!!!

    Character is explained very strongly… Comes out very well


  2. amarllyis says:

    Wow! That’s some fucking experiment. Zooming straight into the super stardom territory, are you? 🙂 Keep it up!

  3. Anonymous says:

    How the bloody hell can you be so dam gud @ work man ??? Kudos to you dude…!!! For the first time I enjoyed reading something sooo abusive… Really loved it…
    Great work. Keep it up!


  4. Anonymous says:

    yeah bulldog your entry in the expletive territory earns you a hundred marks…

    but wow what imagination…
    thank god you never “learnt” to write or else it would have screwed yr style!

    keep it up…
    brilliant seems to be an understatement


  5. […] Another character I made was not an original. But he was brilliant only because of that reason. Fuerlic Naats I called […]

  6. […] of this short dialogue between Jaffar and Naats was The Creeps, which was mildly mentioned in the introductory chapter of Naats. The Creeps, which we will refer to as, simply, a bar was never overflowing with patrons. It […]

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