A Chance


08/04/2012 by Siddiqui Fayesal

Yes, that’s exactly what this life is. A Chance! It’s a chance for us to live it right. It’s a simple equation of karma. What you do, so shall you reap! But then there are exceptions, like every equation, to this thumb rule. Some people believe that we’re here to be tested whether we’re good enough to go to Heaven or bad to go thrown into Hell. Some people believe we just are. Just like a boil on ones bottoms, reminding us of its presence only when we sit and do nothing.

Some people think that we’re here to be a rat. Winners takes it all. The survival of the fittest. Not strongest, like it’s pointed out every time the former phrase is spoken. But for that we need to pull people down. After all there can be only ONE winner!

I genuinely believe that that we’re here for a reason. We are here to make a difference. Not to ourselves but to others. The difference can be a minor tweak in ones conscience or a radical change in ones ideal. But change is not the catch word. The change is what makes the world go around. I’m not talking about science and physics and changes in the immaterial world. I’m talking about the changes one goes through after he has experienced, directly or indirectly, a rather stunning phenomenon which makes him stop and think that there has to be an upper hand involved.

On Friday this week i.e. the 6th of April, 2012 there was a disturbing picture on the front pages of many newspapers. A double-decker BEST  bus toppled over and crushed a lone biker to death! The paper said that the bus was taking a turn at a high speed. With enough physics and common sense one can figure out what could’ve happened next. Roads are usually concave and maybe the upper decker was heavy too. Well, it toppled over and someone died.

Death is not something we are shocked by anymore. Death is not associated with tears and a sense of unhappiness pervading our souls anymore. Of course the family, friends and the near and dear ones are the only people who whom it affects. I’m not saying that it’s the most obvious thing to roll over and cry and whimper in your sleep over a death of a person you never even knew. But death HAS become a cheap commodity sold on the lanes and by lanes of our city by the dozen. I have read and heard of people killing each other over the most banal and mundane of things! Some years back a guy shot his sister 6 times for a parking slot! She survived.

But that’s not my point!

We’re here to make a difference, remember? Now what difference did it make to us when we read that news article? The guy who died under that bus was supposed to be getting married on the 3rd of May! He was actually on his way to collect his soon-to-be wife’s wedding dress! The helmet wouldn’t’ve saved his this time. The death has definitely left a mark on the family of both, the bride and the bridegroom. Just imagine the plight of the mother who was probably dreaming of grandsons and daughters right from the day she found a match for her son. Maybe even before that!

Imagine the plight of the young girl who was to marry him. Girls dream of their marriage right from the time they see their parents’ wedding pictures. Girls are the innate mothers to everyone around them. They’re not trained to be loving and giving. Allah has made them that way. She must’ve had dreams of making her husband his favourite breakfast. How she would be the perfect wife and be the calming effect on her husband’s daily life. How she’d want to be the one to whom the husband wants to get back to every single night! My heart goes out to the girl. May the Lord give you strength!

Even after knowing that life is just like a candle way over its limit and it can be snuffed out anytime we still live our lives in such haphazard and irresponsible manner. We cannot live a single day without giving out negative vibes to people.

Don’t argue!

Don’t deny!

We do look down on people, we do abuse people who rub us the wrong way, and we do hate those people who don’t agree with us! Forgiveness hath run its course with us. Our parents took eons to teach us the good and the bad but we took just a couple of years of mind freeze and modern brainwashing to un-learn all of it.

Life’s just a blast moving really fast. Better stay on top or life will kick you in the ass!

-Fred Durst

When the time comes forget the wrong that i’ve done help me leave behind some reasons to be missed!

-Chester Bennington

Mr. Durst I’m sorry to say but I prefer Mr. Bennington!

Its how we look at it. Right side up or “OUR” side up!

Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) taught his followers that an individual, who pardons his enemy, even while having the power to extract revenge, will be nearest to God in the Hereafter. Once the Prophet (p.b.u.h.) was asked, “How many times are we to forgive our servants’ faults?” He remained silent. The questioner repeated his question. But the Prophet gave no answer. But when the person asked a third time, he said, “Forgive your servant seventy times a day.”

Siddiqui F


5 thoughts on “A Chance

  1. Jayesh says:

    Forgiveness 70 times a day… 🙂

  2. Jayesh says:

    Nice one (y)\

  3. Aditya Bhatt says:

    Good write-up…
    The bigger the brain God has given, the more we have misused it.
    I think we have outlived our usefulness and on the brink of extinction.
    And I sincerely pray to God that the next specie that comes in our place…may they have a smaller brain size…and a larger heart.

    • Yes. we have deluded ourselves and having done that we’ve placed ourselves above the supreme being! We have genuinely living in a hyperbolic bubble. And when that’ll burst…

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