I’m a terrorist too!

Islamophobia: Islamophobia denotes prejudice against, or hatred or irrational fear of, Muslims. Some scholars of the social sciences consider it a form of racism, although this is controversial. The term dates back to the early 1900s, but its modern use originates during the late 1980s or early 1990s. It entered the common vocabulary after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States.

This is what Wikipedia has to say about it. There is a lot more to be said and written about this phenomenon and since there are too many already writing about it I’m, going to refrain. I’m going to tell you what I believe in.

That’s the disclaimer I just gave you, by the way.

I believe, some might say, without sanction of the main stream media or the attestations of the President of the U.S of A or, for that matter, the maximum of the western world (surely spreading now to the eastern shores) and also without the support of egotistical and self absorbent, self righteous human rights activists who think the middle east is their play ground.

Last I heard that the Muslims in china weren’t allowed  to fast or pray during the month of Ramazan. Take that you moron! What is funny (a dark sense of humour, remember) is that while no print media near home takes notice of such things it creates a furor when a certain George W. Bush strangles himself on a damn pretzel. I agree that he’s the president and all but in no way I’d say he’s worth this. But then I guess that’s ok…

Before I forget and hand away ammo to some who shout “proof” before you can say bazooka here’s one link that speaks about something like that!

It’s become hackneyed now!

I agree its not a democracy and all the BS associated with Communism can be said for this too. When it comes to China that’s the first defense people have. America (the government, not the people mind you), another self righteous rag, who regards it as her duty to fight for the underprivileged keeps quiet unless you throw in a little oil for the asking. BP oil ruined Mossadegh and obviously there are people who believe it was ok.

After all oil is always for the Americans for the taking. It doesn’t matter under whose front yard it lies.

A little is said here for those who believe that it is always fair to cheat when it comes to gaining money and murdering.

I think i’m making it sound a little stupid if I keep talking about how the Americans keep doing this and that to so and so. I’ll come closer home. I’ll take you to India. Even here there are 100s of cases if you bother to read the right stuff.

Here’s a link to peruse.

Just for the record I’ll state that the children magazine, Umang, which the article refers to as “incriminating material” was something that I read too when I was in my early teens. Stories for kids.

Incriminating. Totally!

The recent controversy about the cartoon depiction of Mohammed (PBUH) was another feather in the hat of the Islam haters. While a million Muslims rallied in protests and marches it made a little difference to shit heads who think, still think, that because its against Muslims so it’s alright to talk crap and get away with it. Malcom X wasn’t off target when he spoke about “chickens coming home to roost”!

This is NOT terrorism I suppose!

Again, it so happened that there was a phone company which jumped on the bandwagon and thought of giving themselves a leverage by depicting Jesus Christ (PBUH) in its advertisement. Now, me as a Muslim have the highest regard for Prophet Jesus (PBUH). Moses, Jacobs, Jesus and Mohammed (PBUH). We believe in all!

But that’s immaterial because I’ve seen (and you have too, I know) songs and movies showing nudity and the Holy Crucifix in the same frame. I keep wondering if that is not showing a little disrespect  towards one that is holy!

So, anyways this phone ad was a shock too. It was in bad taste and I’m sure it hurt people’s feeling because, no matter what you believe, there are many people who still care about such things!

The ad was taken off with an apology and no harm done. I just wished that the same concern and reactions were observed when it came to fellow Muslims! What is even more surprising that the ad was taken off on the basis of telephonic complaints!

Gee! How sweet. But of course we don’t deserve that kind of understanding!

Read about it here.

It would belittle my category tag to talk of all this in one single day and in one single post. After all I’m not falling short of any material. Thank god that India hasn’t yet become totally web based when it comes to periodicals and news. In the next 50 or so years I agree it’ll become difficult to make a point.

After all the world that George Orwell spoke of is almost upon us.

Siddiqui F.

2 thoughts on “I’m a terrorist too!

    1. Firstly, You weren’t the intended audience.
      Secondly, by saying that you’re going to read it “again” you sealed it yourself.

      Thanks for reading it, albeit not carefully.

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