Pathway to Hell

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28/01/2013 by Siddiqui Fayesal

They walked along
With me as they saw fit
And then waved me a
Bye when we neared
The end.

They spoke with oily
Smiles and bowed
Backs. They Urged me
Forward to where their
Shadows bent.

I cheered them on and
Bid them well.
I stayed upon the path
They spoke about.

I thanked my stars
And my mates
For the pointers
They’d shouted aloud.

I walked long
Until my feet cried out.
I walked afar till
The soles wore away.

But the flowing river that
They spoke about
I found that not;
Nothing like that
To my dismay.

Instead I found
A holy pit
And filled with
All the wrongs
They did.

All snakes and
Vipers and
Hallowed crap
And other wanton

Them who showed the
Way lay entangled
In the messy

With broken legs
And bloody smiles;
Complete with a forlorn

Their path was wrong
Though to heaven
They tried.

Their stepping stones
Were deep in
Hell and
Rivers dry.

Their markers were
Lit with fire,
Blazing with vengeance,
Seen from afar.

They thought it
To be the Flame of
Right and their Heavenly

It beckoned them with
Promise. Just like it
Did to me.

It was their dream
Come true and their
Legitimate Sin
By decree.

And then there was
The White hot Flame
And other ghastly

I have time to tell them
As I die alone in this
Field of Dreams

Siddiqui F.

1.  The first two paragraphs and the two lines after were the only ones written on the 17th of October 2011 at the library.
2. The remaining two lines from para 3 and the next paragraph was written at the library 3 days later (20.10.2011).
3. The next two on the next day, again, at the library (21.10.2011).
4. The next 5 on the 26th of January, 2013 at Millat Nagar while I was attending my nephews birthday.
5. The rest on the 28th of January while at work.

What say you???

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