Have you ever met a man who wants to cry,
But is cursed for his sins to stay dry?
Have you ever been trapped by your past
Longing for that suppressed tear,
And yet find yourself unable to give in?
Have you ever stood before a bathroom mirror,
Stared into your eyes,
And yet feel your eyes unyielding?
Have you ever tried to imagine the worst possible,
Made yourself think of the terrible,
And yet not been able to empty your heart?
Have you ever tried to listen to the saddest verse,
And yet feel the wetness only hoarding more?
Have you ever stood at the door of a speeding train
Staring into the dark oblivion,
Hoping that the hitting wind would coerce your eyes?
You may torture my body with fire and knives,
But nothing can torture my soul more
Than that tear that does not roll…


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