A Fellow Blogger

This post is by no means exhaustive.

There are too many writers about whom I can write because they all fit snugly in the context that I am going to write about, but this particular writer is fresh in my mind currently. Also, mostly the writers I COULD write about would be these famous award winners or my own peers. This lady is somewhere in the middle.

She’s a published author and a gifted story teller. She has the knack of writing a story and she has the knack of telling it to an audience that is by no means known for its loyalty. A blog might have many followers but that is no foolproof mean of measuring the success of a web page. Especially if you consider that it is a blog catering to futuristic-fantasy stories. It’s a niche, right?

When I came across it initially I wasn’t very interested because the particular genre didn’t appeal to me much.

But after reading a few stories I was taken. Hook. Line. Sinker.

Her stories struck a chord. Her characters are so real and relatable that it sticks to you long after you’ve read them. All this is very good indeed. A blog ran by a lady who writes stories and is liked by me.

Here comes the funny part.

I don’t read her for the mere stories.

Not saying that I don’t like them. Of course, I do. But more than that, I am in awe with the way she has executed it. I don’t know how she keeps notes or if the web page is only a part of her writing exercise. I don’t know how she has covered such a big universe and maintained it without going crazy. I have 6 characters and it has become a task. I have to keep going back to remind myself what and where my character is and what is his thought process in a particular situation. This lady has innumerable characters. She’s got them spread across different time lines and she has different episodes released in small bites to satiate the excitement, but not the hunger.

She’s got more than a couple of threads going on simultaneously and she’s got characters flit between time too. One thread talks of lady X and in the other thread, disconnected stories she calls these, I’m listening to lady H who is lady X’s grand mother.

She manages to tie it all together and this is my primary quest. I have to know how she does it? Did she, too, think up the ENTIRE story in a train ride and now she is doling it out bit by bit, morsel by morsel?

I asked her and she tells me that her stories come before the sketches.

Did I mention she sketches for her blog? Her blog is not merely stories; they’re visuals to it too. There are sketches to every blog post, some times two images for a single post. Her stories have pace and a distinct simplicity that takes you. Her females aren’t drop-dead gorgeous, her males aren’t the well built casanovas. She is weaving a perfect little world in those webpages and she is doing it well.

Anyway, her name’s Cheryl Moore and her blog is called Unbound Boxes Limping Gods

I’m going to ask her, specifically so, how she has maps the story in her head. I’m going to find out how she keeps track of what different people are up to and how she manages to bind the different time lines. I hope she is ready to share her secret with me.

Siddiqui F.

You should visit Cheryl’s fantastic blog but make sure you read it form the very beginning. It’s a web of fantastic pictures and interlocked stories there!

PS: I had a word with her and she has agreed to help me out with the technical aspects of her writing. I’m looking forward to this!

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