Drama versus Wormholes: The Nolan Way


17/12/2014 by Siddiqui Fayesal

***If you haven’t seen Interstellar, then be warned. Spoilers ahead***

Nolan is a great script writer/director/visionary/producer or whatever you want to call him. The first Nolan Movie that I saw was The Prestige. That time I didn’t give a damn about the director or writer of the script. I just knew an awesome movie when I saw one. There was Sir Caine’s Cockney accent to drool over and a good storyline to see the movie through. I never paid a lot of attention over who directed a movie or who wrote it. I never made any point to specifically seek out a particular writer or director when I think of spending time in a movie hall.

All that stopped when I saw The Dark Knight and it went into an overdrive when I saw Inception. The Nolan Brothers are a force. They are the kinds that make you sit back and wonder. They make not a movie; they create magic. I’m not here to find an audience for my ‘fanboy’ status, but there is no way around to say this. There are very few movies that make this kind of a mark on me. The day after I returned watching Inception I was depressed for till the next morning. No, I did not find the movie so complicated that I couldn’t understand it and that was what made my headache. I understood the movie just fine.

Accepting it was a problem though. I’m a person who is trying very hard to be a writer, so everything I see is through the scope of a writer. Can you imagine the kind of brilliance that the writer possesses that he could write this thing and make another feel what he meant him to feel? Can you imagine the vision of the Director who had the capacity to sit and read, understand, mull it over, brainstorm and then give it the visuals that totally brings to life the script?

Difficult to accept and move on, isn’t it?

Now, imagine that the writer and the director is one and the same person!

Yes, the transition from the written word to the visual treat will be easier if the same person makes what he writes, but c’mon, so much talent in one person? Not fair, I say!

The fanboy in me took fanatic heights when I sat back to watch Interstellar.What overwhelmed me was not the fact that Nolan made another movie that transcends beyond awesome. What got to me was the fact that he could translate the poetry of the human emotions into space travel and yet maintain the elements of humanity in the very epicenter of the storm.


I took something very different from the movie. Yes, space travel and Wormholes and Intergalactic journeys aside, what I was overwhelmed with was the canvas of the entire movie. I’ll say that the Milky Way and the Stars and the celestial bodies and the beauty that was captured in those 3 hours will be undiluted. But, the funny part is, I didn’t find the movie worthy of superlative conjecture because of the Space Travel or the Time bend or the 5th Dimension or the Gravity-Time equation. Hell, I don’t even understand all that! Under normal circumstances, I would’ve rushed to Google all these multi-syllable words that only remind me physics lectures that I never sat for.

But after watching Interstellar I found no need to study anything to better understand the movie. Yes, it was complex if you try and understand and decode whether what is shown in the movie is accurate or as close to accurate as it should be.

To me, it was a movie about Cooper coming back to Murph like he promised he would. It was less about time travel and gravity and more about the unspoken affections that came 20 odd years too late. It was a movie that took a toll on me because I could see the sadness when Cooper sees 23 years worth of video recordings. It was for me, a token of happiness, when Cooper makes it home and sees his daughter, finally, on her deathbed. For me, it was those few lines that a dying Murph tells Cooper in the end that she knew he would come. A little late, but she knew he would.

It was not a space odyssey; it was not time travel. It was a story of a little girl who couldn’t say goodbye to her father and had to live with it for a very very long time. It was a story about a man who believed in the 90% truth protocol to save a person and not be saved himself. It was about a man returning home to a daughter who is, weird I know, older than him. I know Interstellar is being spoken about in terms of a sci-fi and mash-up of other physics theory and what not.

But to me, it was plain old drama. It was a beautifully made drama that Nolan decided to show us in terms of space travel. He probably thought that a family drama along with Saturn Rings and shooting starts would make the good ol’ popcorn redundant!

Siddiqui F.

6 thoughts on “Drama versus Wormholes: The Nolan Way

  1. Asim says:

    The argument that I’ve been making right from the moment I got out of the movie hall.

  2. Christopher says:

    Such a great post, and so true. Interstellar really is about the love between a father and a daughter, blown up to, literally, cosmic proportions.

    It was a great film.

  3. sameeranrao says:

    Hey amazing review. I cant wait for his next.

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