Twenty Fourteen sucked. In a way. Kind of. Ah, screw it!

My last year’s post was kick ass.

Because there was none.

I usually imagine myself sitting in a recliner with my laptop resting on my lap (well, duh) and writing up something funny and smart for a year-end post.

But since I have neither a recliner nor a laptop it is no surprise that I can’t come up with something witty. After all, how can one be witty if one’s buttocks aren’t comfy? I just don’t comprehend it otherwise. Apart from being funny I can try being depressed. Depression comes easily to me. Really. Read some of the drippy stuff I’ve written and you won’t sit up in surprise.

Anyway, the year 2014 was a mixed bag. It was weirdly tiring without anything grand being done. My bookhad blog saw some good activity. Our #100bookquotes gave us enough mileage to keep us proud and happy. Book reviews, on the other hand, saw a little dip. I have my reasons and so does my partner in crime. We took our writing a little more seriously. Well, partner has some pretty intense stuff on her blog here, while I do not.

So you have only my word to take when I say I took my writing seriously. I mean, it is the obvious question but I don’t have an answer to it just yet. Of course, the fact that I do my writing on paper with a pen (remember the concept?) has a lot to do without seeing an acceleration on my blog but still, a good source tells me that when you write regularly you write regularly. She says that it overflows like lava and you cannot help but write. Be it on a blog or a notebook, you simply write.

I have a few things in my head planned out for the next 2 months or so. One of them is to interview this lady that writes some intense stories. I have spoken about here already, but I’ll let y’all wait for the interview. I have a few questions lined up which will basically help me get more into the role of a writer monkey! The other thing that I have in my head is the discipline part. I can go on and on about how I lack it and how it has been my bane since the time I was the age of 2. But, I won’t bore y’all with all those details. My near and dear ones have endured enough already!

Thing number three is my Rehan-Ayesha series. I’ll get back to it soon. Popular demand and everything, you know. Three girls have hinted mildly (maybe they were being nice to me) about adding further to it. I need to ascertain where they go because these two characters are very close to me heart!

Apart from doing writing on the book that I’m supposed to e working on I did a lot of reading. A little less that last year but this time it was a bit more disciplined and had a bit of method infused in it. I did pick random books, but I also stuck to a list. A list was important because, like I said, I was working, supposedly, on my book. So I had the audacity to believe that I can stick to a list.

I did, in a way. I am reading a lot of Indian writers and a lot of books based in India in the pre-mobile phone age. I also have a book regarding the martial laws of the Indian army as one of my characters will have something to do with the army. So, I have my hands full.

But, I still don’t have that darn recliner!

Siddiqui F.

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