Painfully yours


06/02/2015 by Siddiqui Fayesal

She saw it in his eyes
And wept for him.
She felt it in his touch
And hid from it.

His smile was gone,
His tears were dry.
His gait hurt her more
Than his hand ever could.

She cried into
The night, while
He cried throughout
The day.

She hated him
And she loved him, too.
He loved her lies,
But hated her truth.

When lucid, he cried
Out for her;
When not, she cried
For him.

Fates twined,
Lives flailing.
They cuffed themselves
To each other.

She took in his vice
And laughed with
Him for a long time
And he stayed by her side.

But the magic broke,
The thread stretched
Taut and snapped
in two.

A million fragments
Did the shards of
Their dream blew up in
That one moment.

He denied it all later.
He said it never happened.

Her pieces he hid deep
She treasured his fragments
And wore it like a crown.
Siddiqui F.

NB: Written at 1 in the morning after seeing how Aashiqui 2 ended.

One thought on “Painfully yours

  1. bride2bee says:

    Painful…but so beautiful!!

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