Oh. It’s you.


07/03/2017 by Siddiqui Fayesal


It’s you.
I was expecting some else.
Why don’t you walk a little
Away from me?

I am a little claustrophobic,
You see. I can’t breath when
I sense sweaty armpits
Around me.

It’s ok, I love that
You work hard for
Your kids. I respect that.
But, just a little further away,

I want that soda you make,
But try not getting your thumb,
In the glass.

And, for god’s sake,
Don’t walk over the

You do know that
I prefer it when
You don’t walk over it.

Don’t make me repeat it.
God, you give me
A headache.
Go see who’s at
The door.

It’s you.

I was expecting you.

Oh, it’s ok.
You can walk right in.

She’ll clean it after

Siddiqui F.

NB: At work

2 thoughts on “Oh. It’s you.

  1. Mellifluous says:

    The reason why I really loved this is that I kept guessing until the very end what it was about. In the beginning it sounded like a wife’s complaint. When you used ‘she’ I had two thoughts, wife or maid? Seems more like the domestic help though I may be wrong. I read it again and this time it hits me how pompous the narrator sounds and a hypocrite too.

    • I understand the confusion. The sad part is that this is not mere rhetoric, these things happen on a day-to-day basis.

      Pompous and hypocritical sounds about right.

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