Book Review : The Class

The Class is one of the few books that I have read and re-read without qualms. My first rendezvous with Erich Segal was with Love Story which, for the record, I loved. The story was simple, without cliches (some would disagree and maintain the apparent hackneyed-ness of the story), and simple characters. Anyway, I am here … Continue reading Book Review : The Class

Book Review : Along Came a Spider

Book: Along Came a Spider Author: James Patterson Year: 1992 After talking so much about James Patterson I think it is only prudent that I write a review before I start questioning my equation with his books. Along Came a Spider is the first book in the Cross series that consists of, at last count, 21 books! Yeah, … Continue reading Book Review : Along Came a Spider

Book Review : The Bet

Book: The Bet Author: Anton Chekhov Year: 1889 Anton Chekhov, although a playwright, was no lesser known for his short essays in which he descried a variety of spectrum. “The Bet” was a part of my grade 8 syllabus and since then, it’s been 12 years now, I’ve read it many times. That’s not saying much since it’s … Continue reading Book Review : The Bet

Book Review : Fever

Book: Fever Author: Robin Cook Year: 1982My first medical drama. Robin Cook is an American Physician and novelist known for his Medical thrillers.Charles Martel is a brilliant research scientist working on a new understanding of Cancer which, as Charles ardently believes, is being studied and remedied from the wrong approach. Now, not having the required science background did … Continue reading Book Review : Fever

Book Review : Death by Scrabble

Book: Death by Scrabble Author: Charlie Fish Year: 2006 Well, look at the publishing date guys. This one isn't a relic from the past. It's as recent as 6 years ago! Like, half a dozen years! That's it? Death by Scrabble is a short story which won't take more than 3 minutes to finish and understand. But I … Continue reading Book Review : Death by Scrabble