Worrying Whispers

My memories have started To crumble and disappear. Every bit of the relics of My past that I possessed, Of those old lives I led, are Beginning to break off and Leave. They fear a reaction, perhaps. They fear that their merely 'Being' would cause an Avalanche. An avalanche of bitter sweet Thoughts of old … Continue reading Worrying Whispers

Quote 4: Anatole France

This one stumped me for a long time. I was actually considering skipping it and going on to the next one. But I stopped myself. I confess that I didn’t really understand what Mr. France here was trying to say; at least in essence. This sounded a little different from the advice we usually hear … Continue reading Quote 4: Anatole France

Hop Skotch

I’m misguided by the blazing signs,I’m misguided by the reddening Sun,I’m misguided by the Underworld’s Aura,I’m misguided by the revolutionary turn.I’m lost in the hazy mirage,I’m lost in my own backyard,I’m lost in your deathly oasis,I’m lost in my way with no right path.I’m away from the unwise,I’m away from the worldly sad,I’m away from … Continue reading Hop Skotch