Rendezvous Gone Wrong

Read the first Part here. I sat for a long time on that bench and chewed a bit of tobacco to simply stop myself doing something more drastic and obvious. Like, maybe, something that would kill me quicker. I shouldn’t’ve been afraid though. That bumbling idiot, Khurshid had always taken care of his end of … Continue reading Rendezvous Gone Wrong

Railway Station Rendezvous

He was walking at an easy pace. A pace that he had empirically proven signified a lazy stroll, a pace that reflected an unburdened heart and mind. He didn’t want people to know that he was in a hurry to reach somewhere. His clothes were an odd combination of working pants and an un-tucked buttoned … Continue reading Railway Station Rendezvous

Chai Pav

They spoke quietly as if afraid that they will draw attention to themselves. Though they were aware of it, they pretended to not notice the stares that followed their every moment. They pretended that it didn’t bother them. They took care that they broke off pieces of their kadak pavs slowly, mitigating the crunch of … Continue reading Chai Pav

Water. Tea. Smoke. Smokescreen

I was sitting across from him when he lit his cigarette. I saw him come, look around and sat down on his seat. It was something about his slow confident movement that made me shift, then altogether change the direction in which I sat. I liked the way he shut his eyes and sat absolutely still … Continue reading Water. Tea. Smoke. Smokescreen