Ayesha-Rehan: 10-01-1997

Rehan, Divya is down with a fever since the past week. I have been literally living there since she fell ill. Jr. has been getting along with Jia and I think Divya is learning to get on. It’s like a dirty joke played by Providence that we humans “get” over the dead and “get” on living … Continue reading Ayesha-Rehan: 10-01-1997

Of Prose and Poetry

I've penned verses of Sunsets and starry nights; Of many cleaved lovers And of the deathly sighs. Of broken oaths I've Written reams And lengthy stories Of love it seems. Of warring tribes who Avenge their deaths; Of men and women Who loved without regret. Of honey kissed hills, Of lonely seas; Of betrothed sweetness, … Continue reading Of Prose and Poetry