Rendezvous Gone Wrong

Read the first Part here. I sat for a long time on that bench and chewed a bit of tobacco to simply stop myself doing something more drastic and obvious. Like, maybe, something that would kill me quicker. I shouldn’t’ve been afraid though. That bumbling idiot, Khurshid had always taken care of his end of … Continue reading Rendezvous Gone Wrong


Forget irritation that scalds your very skin. Forget wounds that make you bleed. Forget pain that licks your bones.  When sadness and disappointment make love with impunity upon your soul and leaves its marks for the world to gawk on, you lose your footing. You twist and fall in a heap with the world around … Continue reading Work-In-Progress

Interview with a Writer – Part Two

*** Continued from Part One*** The first interview post was regarding Cheryl's blog and how she manages to keep up the tempo with her writing and sketching. This one, here, is closer to my heart because in this one I am more of a fellow writer and less of a fan boy. In the last post, … Continue reading Interview with a Writer – Part Two