Rhythm Divine!!!

I write a line, I write a rhyme.I write for love, and,I write for life.I write the truth sometimesDressed as lies.I write the world whichI despise.I write for tearsOf painful solitude.I write for yearsOf bearable pain.I write of loversIn the nude,I write of moansWhence they escape.I write of mothers whoseBosoms dried,When they heard theirBabies die.I … Continue reading Rhythm Divine!!!

Hop Skotch

I’m misguided by the blazing signs,I’m misguided by the reddening Sun,I’m misguided by the Underworld’s Aura,I’m misguided by the revolutionary turn.I’m lost in the hazy mirage,I’m lost in my own backyard,I’m lost in your deathly oasis,I’m lost in my way with no right path.I’m away from the unwise,I’m away from the worldly sad,I’m away from … Continue reading Hop Skotch