De-recognize the BJP!

It is only apt that BJP stick to its roots after all. Now that we see (Duh!) Amit Shah spew crap with the backing of the state and will probably get away with it in a while it is not surprising to see BJP becoming a very obvious political arm of the RSS. What is surprising though is the fact that even during the election season people for the “Modi Sarkar” chant are becoming more shameless in their verbal banter.
I thought that perhaps the election season will make them “politically correct” but I was wrong obviously. With the extended media in the pockets of the villains and the hate propagandists arming themselves with venom the fear of a backlash is also gone.
Perhaps the rigged machines give them the strength!


The BJP has been clamouring for the de-recognition of AAP for its ‘anarchism’ and its lack of faith in institutions put in place by the Constitution, but faced with the sting by Cobrapost on its own responsibility for the Babri Masjid demolition, its only response is that  the Election Commission should stop its broadcast in view of the elections. In its characteristic fashion, the BJP leaders went on to accuse the sting operation of being ‘Congress sponsored’ – looks like this party has even lost the capacity to make a reasonable argument about anything. Meanwhile, all of yesterday the major channels were  dancing tango with the BJP in expressing suspicion about the ‘timing’ of the release. Not one of the channels had anything to say about the content of the sting.

Who is setting the terms of ‘debate’ here?

And why does the BJP want the EC to stop the…

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Boycott Zionazi Apartheid at Delhi International Arts Festival!

It hurts. It hurts so bad that many in the so much evolved society still do not see through such smoke screens. I wonder when people will realise just how deep do the follies of Zionism run.


[Posted below is a statement by artistes, writers and the Indian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. The statement is self-explanatory. However, as we shall be explaining in a series of posts on Kafila soon, Zionism in Israel has perfected the most hated techniques of their own twentieth century tormentors, the Nazis, against the people of Palestine. Worse still, it has given these techniques a veneer of ‘normalcy’ – and every ‘cultural exchange’ with Israel only helps further normalize this most despicable form of colonial occupation.  ‘Settlements’, in this game of occupation, become the mode of annexing more and more of the Palestinian territory through settling of civilian Jewish populations in what still remains of Palestinian areas. – AN]

Call to boycott The Cameri Theatre at the Delhi International Arts Festival 2012

The organizers of the Delhi International Arts Festival (DIAF) — the Prasiddha Foundation…

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I’m a terrorist too!

Islamophobia: Islamophobia denotes prejudice against, or hatred or irrational fear of, Muslims. Some scholars of the social sciences consider it a form of racism, although this is controversial. The term dates back to the early 1900s, but its modern use originates during the late 1980s or early 1990s. It entered the common vocabulary after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United States. This is … Continue reading I’m a terrorist too!