Why Do ‘They’ Love Narendra Modi ?: Shankar Gopalakrishnan


Guest Post by Shankar Gopalakrishnan

On August 14th, Narendra Modi declared that his Independence Day speech would attract as much attention as that of the Prime Minister. He appears to have been right. The fact that this is hardly unexpected should not obscure the deeper puzzle that it hides. It is a rare occurrence for a state level leader to suddenly get so much prominence in the media, and that too for such a long period. Why, then, have powerful forces in our society – including most of the media – chosen to endorse Modi? Why the sudden promotion of this particular leader at this particular time? What is it that he and his regime are offering?

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I don’t hate the Paki’s

When the 26/11 happened and i joined the rally at the gateway of india i was surprised, angry, irritated, annoyed, peeved, pissed, amazed, hypnotised and mad with many of the groups that were targeting the common pakistan population... i think i was taught when i was in class 5 that "the law is always right,that … Continue reading I don’t hate the Paki’s

Of Chaddies and Lathis

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