All I could see were monsters shrouded underneath normalcy. I think you'd call it paranoia, my friend. There is nothing else that I myself can aptly call it. But I'm not "qualified" to diagnose, you know! It's such a high handed game you psychologists and psychiatrists play, it some times drives me crazy! I read … Continue reading Paranoia…

Book Review : Death by Scrabble

Book: Death by Scrabble Author: Charlie Fish Year: 2006 Well, look at the publishing date guys. This one isn't a relic from the past. It's as recent as 6 years ago! Like, half a dozen years! That's it? Death by Scrabble is a short story which won't take more than 3 minutes to finish and understand. But I … Continue reading Book Review : Death by Scrabble

Life Cycles and Rebirths. Simplified (?)

Life after birth and stuff. Life after death, actually. Aren't them the same thing anyway? The entire cosmic phenomenon revolves around the omnipotent question that has never been answered, satisfactorily at least, even after 1000s of years of questioning and cross questioning. Some times it gives me this morbidly funny image that while scientists the … Continue reading Life Cycles and Rebirths. Simplified (?)

Book Review : The Open Window

Book: The Open Window Author: Saki (Hector Hugh Munro) Year: 1914 Saki. The name struck me as odd. It just didn't sound English, or American for that matter, at all. I later learnt that it was not. Saki, the pen name of Hector Hugh Munro, is based on a character of a play. Wikipedia says, The name Saki may … Continue reading Book Review : The Open Window