Twenty Fourteen sucked. In a way. Kind of. Ah, screw it!

My last year's post was kick ass. Because there was none. I usually imagine myself sitting in a recliner with my laptop resting on my lap (well, duh) and writing up something funny and smart for a year-end post. But since I have neither a recliner nor a laptop it is no surprise that I … Continue reading Twenty Fourteen sucked. In a way. Kind of. Ah, screw it!

Faramir and Me

Just because I think I’m like Faramir it doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m saying that my dad is Lord Denethor. This is the thought that I had as I sat on my chair befuddled at the forlorn and redundant life I was leading. Of course, I would appreciate it if the readers didn’t snigger and … Continue reading Faramir and Me

Career ahoy!!!

For anyone who has read my profile page or read certain posts will know I'm doing my CA. Chartered Accountancy. It's a finance and taxation based profession which is pretty highly rated, or so I'd like to think. Well, Our ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountancy of India) is pretty highly rated and known for furnishing … Continue reading Career ahoy!!!

Gimmicks and Nau-Tanki!!!

Not long ago there was this crispy news article about madam Mayawati "ji" from the north (my native, btw) that she sent her private jet to Mumbai from Delhi to fetch her preferred brand of sandals. This was reported by Wiki Leaks in September recently. Although I have dire reservations about the sanctity of Wiki … Continue reading Gimmicks and Nau-Tanki!!!