Ayesha-Rehan: 10-01-1997

Rehan, Divya is down with a fever since the past week. I have been literally living there since she fell ill. Jr. has been getting along with Jia and I think Divya is learning to get on. It’s like a dirty joke played by Providence that we humans “get” over the dead and “get” on living … Continue reading Ayesha-Rehan: 10-01-1997

Ayesha-Rehan: 19.11.1996

Rehan, I got the news just yesterday. All I could ask God was "What's going to happen to his daughter?" In spite of all the misgivings and discomfort, I finally gathered the courage to visit her. What do you tell someone who has lost so much? Is there any possible thing that one can say … Continue reading Ayesha-Rehan: 19.11.1996