A very sensitive Barber ?!

The following conversation (for most part silent) really did take place. Not with me given, but then the power of the pen means you can slander without getting caught! Without giving you the names, addresses, blood group type or (brace yourselves) the presence, or absence, of VD inflicted main characters I will try and make … Continue reading A very sensitive Barber ?!

Fear\ Khauff\ Bhay

Fear. The one emotion which is betrayed every time it makes itself apparent to its host. The one emotion which has been at the receiving end of every warrior’s bleeding sword; of every writer’s lethal pen; of every padre’s lively eloquence and of every child’s hindered imagination. I have been aligned with cowardice and shame … Continue reading Fear\ Khauff\ Bhay

Gimmicks and Nau-Tanki!!!

Not long ago there was this crispy news article about madam Mayawati "ji" from the north (my native, btw) that she sent her private jet to Mumbai from Delhi to fetch her preferred brand of sandals. This was reported by Wiki Leaks in September recently. Although I have dire reservations about the sanctity of Wiki … Continue reading Gimmicks and Nau-Tanki!!!