Quote 12: Muhammad Ali

There was a boy of 19 who fancied a girl in his class. In his eyes there wasn’t another prettier face in the whole college. At least, not the attainable pretty. The beauties were abound, but they lived in a wholly different universe. They spoke only oily English and their Hindi was such that they … Continue reading Quote 12: Muhammad Ali

Quote 10: Pope John XXIII

An age old adage and An older solemn man Gushing proverbs And hackneyed Stories. Bustling fire, Around them folks Of across the Towns sit. Muttering discomfort And lack of downs To comfort the Aching behinds, But they sit. The older man, with A trembling jaw, And an incomprehensible Tongue, had an Audience Of close to … Continue reading Quote 10: Pope John XXIII

Quote 8: Alexandra David-Neel

I’ll take this by its horns. I usually don’t. I look for subterfuge to escape things so that I don’t have to make an assessment or a judgement call. At least till it’s not really imperative that I do. My writing life has been the very definition of lackadaisical. These quotes that I work on? … Continue reading Quote 8: Alexandra David-Neel