Book Review: Fear is the Key

Book: Fear is the Key Author: Alistair MacLean Year: 1961 "My red rose had turned to white." That is how the story begins in this vintage MacLean thriller. Set up in the Gulf of Mexico in the year 1958 it has, like many other MacLean books, the sea as an important part of the story. The love affair … Continue reading Book Review: Fear is the Key

Ayesha-Rehan: 19.11.1996

Rehan, I got the news just yesterday. All I could ask God was "What's going to happen to his daughter?" In spite of all the misgivings and discomfort, I finally gathered the courage to visit her. What do you tell someone who has lost so much? Is there any possible thing that one can say … Continue reading Ayesha-Rehan: 19.11.1996