So... The past two weeks have proven to be something of a throwback to my school days. It says something about the experience because I Hate, yes, the caps are intentional, using the word "throwback"; just like I hate using words like "scrumptious" or hearing words like "the-script-demanded-it". Anyway, I spent the week before last … Continue reading So…


Forget irritation that scalds your very skin. Forget wounds that make you bleed. Forget pain that licks your bones.  When sadness and disappointment make love with impunity upon your soul and leaves its marks for the world to gawk on, you lose your footing. You twist and fall in a heap with the world around … Continue reading Work-In-Progress

DIY guide to Nothing

I don’t usually text or call people up and wish them a happy new year. I’m one of those uptight guys who doesn’t celebrate anything. Apart from football, perhaps. Even that is rare, to be honest. I think the most recent football match I saw was around 2 months ago. And I don’t remember the … Continue reading DIY guide to Nothing

Drama versus Wormholes: The Nolan Way

***If you haven't seen Interstellar, then be warned. Spoilers ahead*** Nolan is a great script writer/director/visionary/producer or whatever you want to call him. The first Nolan Movie that I saw was The Prestige. That time I didn't give a damn about the director or writer of the script. I just knew an awesome movie when … Continue reading Drama versus Wormholes: The Nolan Way