Rehan-Ayesha: 30.10.1996

Princess, Forget about the birthday for a minute. Did you seriously talk to the lady about my plans for Jr? She must've made a laugh about it, eh? She always was a good mimic. Just like my mother trust me. My mom could imitate the expression of a goal post if you asked her!!! Coming back … Continue reading Rehan-Ayesha: 30.10.1996

The Patriot

“Respected” (Little joke there. Tee hee hee) Miss Pandey, Here is another patriotic Indian writing to you to acknowledge and, at the same time, hand over the proverbial crown of patriotism that, till recently, adorned the head of the entire nation. But after you came out clean about your possible “patriotic” act which shall follow … Continue reading The Patriot